Our Involvement

Teaching discipleship is a process in which we offer topical classes of Biblical and real world life truth and experience.  Trained instructors will take a subject to teach students in a classroom setting for joint discussion between the teacher and the students. Topics such as, Purpose Driven Life, Man in The Mirror, Dads in The Mirror, Job Readiness, Creation Studies, Parenting, the book of John or Ephesians create an environment for a rich learning experience. 


The purpose and goal of teaching series is to help students to grow in their relationship with God, to successfully live the Christian life and ready themselves for rebuilding their lives when released back into society and their families.  Bonding again with public life, job search, education, financial responsibilities, family relationships and the multitude of environmental changes they will encounter for their comfort level and their personal success.


We are seeking men and women who will come along side our ministry to teach in this ministry.  Please prayerfully consider being part of our volunteer team.  Our Lord Jesus challenged us to teach and make disciples of mankind.  Will you help?