Chaplains request Christian music events on a regular basis for the inmate population.  Music is a gift from God.  Music is designed to nurture the human spirit and it ministers to the soul of mankind with its message.  Christian music reaches into the inner person with the message of God’s love through the gift of His Son for humanity.  Many men and women will attend a music event who won’t go to a church service so this type program brings an audience who needs to hear and enjoy the spiritual message of God’s love and salvation for mankind.  Those who love the Lord are thrilled to have you give your musical message and appreciate the opportunity to listen and take part in your program. 


We are seeking groups, quartets, single musicians or any mixture who may be willing to have us send them into a prison, jail, youth offender  or nursing home facility. If you can offer a program even once or twice per year, that will be wonderful.  We make all the arrangements for your entrance, programming and complete cycle so that you are comfortable and can enjoy your program.  Please, consider the impact of your message of God’s love in your music and allow us to help you get the message out to others.


Musicians and interested persons may contact us for information at the ministry offices.


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Bill Koons

Christian Music