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Angel Tree Christmas and Camping Volunteer:

1.Collect information on Children of Incarcerated Parents from Prison Fellowship.

2.Set a delivery date and time of when we will deliver the gifts to give to the Caregivers of the children.

3.Develop a team of volunteers to contact by phone the Caregivers of the Children asking if they want to have the children participate and verifying the children’s name, ages, sizes and any other information that will help provide the child with two gifts at Christmas.

4. Verify the Caregiver’s contact information

5.Set up the Angel Tree with Angels on it for the Congregation at Mount Hope Church to take and purchase the gifts and then return them fully wrapped to.

6.Verify that all gifts are received.

7.Pack all of the gifts for each family in one bag to aid in delivery.

8.On delivery day give all of the volunteers delivering the gifts a map to the different family’s homes and include the pamphlets provided by Prison Fellowship with the Gospel message for each child.

Angel Tree Camping:

1.Contact Youth Haven Ranch and the Youth Pastor at Mount Hope Church requesting the necessary forms needed for the Children of Incarcerated Parents to attend the camp or retreat.

2.Contact the Caregivers of Angel Tree Christmas children and ask if they are interested in sending the child or children to camp.

3.Send the Caregivers the forms needed to enroll the child/children in the camp and follow up to make sure they have received them and if they have any questions.

4.Arrange for transportation to take and retrieve the child/children from the camp.

5.Provide follow up information to the Executive Director or Administrative Director.

Volunteer Assistant:

Assist the Administrative Assistant by:

1.Keeping the Volunteer, Intercessor, and Chaplain list up to date by checking with the Executive Director and the Administrative Assistant for any corrections to the lists, then updating and printing the corrected lists.

2.Assist the Pen Pal Volunteer by printing the letters.

3.Help with mailing of quarterly schedules.

4.Coordinate the Ministry teams that do two day topical seminars at facilities all over the State.

5.Contact with both Jail and Michigan Department of Corrections Chaplains offering them the different topical studies.

6.Be available to help either the Executive Director or Administrative Assistant with any additional projects.

Music Volunteer:

1.Contact Chaplains asking them if and when they would like to have a music group at their facility.

2.Contact Music Teams asking them when they are available to go into the facilities and matching them up with the facility closest to them.

3.Collecting Law Enforcement Information Network information for clearance purposes provided by the Music Volunteer Teams and the manifest of equipment that will be carried into the Correctional facility by the Music Teams.

4.Contacting the Chaplains and supplying them with the Law Enforcement Information Network information at least one month before the scheduled event.

5.Giving the Music Teams all of the needed information regarding the time they should arrive at the facility, the length of the service, the contact information of the facility in case of an emergency.

6.Getting the count of the number of attendees at the event and giving that to the Volunteer or staff person collecting the statistics for all of the services we cover.

7.Be available to assist the Executive Director or Administrative Assistant with any additional projects as needed.

Pen Pal Volunteer:

1.Prayerfully respond to letters written by inmates and sent to New Directions, Inc.

2.Use the pseudonym Chris Johnson instead of your name and the address of New Directions, Inc

  1. 3.       Pen Pal letters maybe written in a loving manner to respond to this person.

  2. 4.       We will teach you the policy guidelines to respond with integrity and clear purpose.

  3. 5.       Retain a copy of the Pen Pal letter that we mailed with the letter we received to be placed in our filing system.

  4. 6.       If a book is sent, write the title of the book in our response letter.

Shipping Volunteer:

1.Receive Christian books, tapes, DVD’s, magazines etc.

2.Go through each piece of the materials checking for names, phone numbers, contraband, etc.

3.Contact Chaplain here in Michigan and across the Nation, volunteering to ship materials and Bibles to them free of charge.

4.Box and ship materials documenting the Chaplain, Facility, # of boxes and weight of the boxes being sent.

5.Be available to assist the Executive Director or Administrative Assistant with any additional projects.

Statistics Volunteer:

1.Record the number of attendee’s at the services New Directions, Inc is responsible for each week. These should be provided by the volunteers covering those services.

2.If the volunteer forgets to call the Statistics Volunteer they will email or call the Service Volunteer to get the numbers.

3.The updated Statistical report will be provided to Pastor Len Hill, Executive Director with in the first week of each month.

4.Be available to help either the Executive Director or Administrative Assistant with any additional projects.


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